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Merge branch '135-fix.endforce' into 'develop'

If ends force then override fastq read error

Closes #135

See merge request !97
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......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
* Replace default seqwho reference location to one provided by source lab (#127)
* Update NF Tower access token to BICF user
* Disable NF Tower
* Fix endness force (#135)
# v2.0.0
**User Facing**
......@@ -439,6 +439,11 @@ process parseMetadata {
fastqReadError_details="**Number of reads do not match for R1 and R2:** there may be a trunkation or mismatch of fastq files"
if [ "${params.endsForce}" != "" ]
# save design file
echo "\${endsMeta},\${endsRaw},\${endsManual},\${stranded},\${spike},\${species},\${readLength},\${exp},\${study}" > design.csv
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