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Gervaise Henry requested to merge remove.tpm.col into develop

User Facing

  • Remove gene details from tpm table
  • Add EntrezID translation to tpm table (from version specific reference)


  • Add GeneSymbol/EnsemblID/EntrezID translation files to references

Known Bugs

  • outputBag does not contain fetch for processed data
  • Does not include automatic data upload

PR checklist

  • This comment contains a description of changes (with reason)
  • If you've fixed a bug or added code that should be tested, add tests!
  • Documentation in docs is updated
  • Replace dag.png with the most recent CI pipleine integrated_pe artifact
  • is updated
  • is updated
  • is updated with new contributors
  • Docker images moved to production release and changed in pipeline
  • Docker images used in the CI unit tests match those used in pipeline

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