Commit 60452a9c authored by Gervaise H. Henry's avatar Gervaise H. Henry 🤠

Merge branch 'cherry-pick-927e3ba6' into 'develop'

Add started time to multiqc #77

See merge request !44
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......@@ -1101,8 +1101,8 @@ process aggrQC {
echo -e "LOG: creating run table" >> ${repRID}.aggrQC.log
echo -e "Session\tSession ID\tPipeline Version\tInput" > run.tsv
echo -e "Session\t${workflow.sessionId}\t${workflow.manifest.version}\t\${input}" >> run.tsv
echo -e "Session\tSession ID\tStart Time\tPipeline Version\tInput" > run.tsv
echo -e "Session\t${workflow.sessionId}\t${workflow.start}\t${workflow.manifest.version}\t\${input}" >> run.tsv
# make RID table
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