Commit c018fbb5 authored by Holly Ruess's avatar Holly Ruess
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fix errors

parent 405b2045
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......@@ -507,9 +507,8 @@ process consensusPeaks {
file preDiffDesign
file '*.replicated.*' into consensusPeaks
file '*.rejected.*' into rejectedPeaks
file '*.replicated_noblacklist*' optional true into blPeaks
file '*replicated*' into consensusPeaks
file '*rejected*' into rejectedPeaks
file("design_exQC.tsv") into designExperimentQC
file('version_*.txt') into consensusPeaksVersions
file("design_annotatePeaks.tsv") into designAnnotatePeaks
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ def test_coverage_pairedend_mouse():
def test_FRiP_pairedend_mouse():
FRiPscore = test_output_path + 'ENCLB122XDP.FRiPscore.tsv'
df_FRiPscore = pd.read_csv(FRiPscore, sep='\t')
assert round(df_FRiPscore["FRiP_score"].iloc[0],6) == 0.267798
assert round(df_FRiPscore["FRiP_score"].iloc[0],6) == 0.256600
def test_TSSenrich_pairedend_mouse():
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