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      Allow CentOS container to use host's docker for running tests · 4640dbe9
      Daniele Tamino authored
      Had to bind /var/run/docker.sock inside CentOS container so
      it can use the host's docker daemon for testing, see
      for rationale.
      Unlike that article, mapping directly to /var/run/docker.sock didn't work
      here, cause running CentOS' own /usr/sbin/init mounts another overlayfs
      which shadows /var/run/.
      Instead, I bound it to /docker.sock, set DOCKER_HOST=unix:///docker.sock
      and cleared the path in several places for it to be exported all the way
      to the relevant tests.
      Now, this would've been a much easier change if the test container started
      the build script directly, instead of running /usr/sbin/init, but since
      we're trying simulate a full operating system running, doing that would've
      reduced the value of the test.
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