Commit 82f83860 authored by Gervaise Henry's avatar Gervaise Henry 🤠
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Handle subsets if not all idents present

parent 8bf0a96b
......@@ -123,10 +123,10 @@ sc10x$lung <- labs.raw
Idents(sc10x) <- "lin"
sc10x.epi <- subset(sc10x, idents="Epithelia")
sc10x.fmst <- subset(sc10x, idents=c("Fibroblast","Smooth Muscle"))
sc10x.fmst <- subset(sc10x, idents=colnames( %in% c("Fibroblast","Smooth Muscle"))
sc10x.fib <- subset(sc10x, idents="Fibroblast") <- subset(sc10x, idents="Smooth Muscle")
sc10x.leu <- subset(sc10x, idents=c("Lymphoid", "Myeloid", "Granulocyte"))
sc10x.leu <- subset(sc10x, idents=colnames( %in% c("Lymphoid", "Myeloid", "Granulocyte"))
res <- c(seq(0.1,0.5,0.1),0.75,seq(1,5,1))
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