Commit 66e90556 authored by Gervaise Henry's avatar Gervaise Henry 🤠
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Replace left over hardwired merge

parent 28e1dff3
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ merges <- NULL
# }
# rm(merges)
merges <- NULL
for (i in unique(sc10x.groups$Patient[sc10x.groups$Keep==1])){
for (i in unique(sc10x.groups[[opt$m]][sc10x.groups$Keep==1])){
for (j in sc10x.groups$Samples[sc10x.groups$Keep==1]){
if (sc10x.groups[sc10x.groups$Samples==j,][[opt$m]]==i){
merges <- c(merges,j)
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