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title: "2020_bioRxiv"
title: "2020_Prostate"
date: 2019-05-19T12:58:22-05:00
draft: false
pname: "Urethral luminal epithelia are castration-insensitive progenitors of the proximal prostate"
pauthor: "Binoy Joseph D. et al"
pjournal: "bioRxiv"
pjournal: "Prostate"
pdate: "2020"
odate: "2020.1"
ppubmed: ""
plink: ""
ppic: "2020_bioRxiv.jpg"
ppubmed: "32497356"
plink: ""
ppic: "2020_Prostate.jpg"
- title: "GUDMAP: 16-WM8C"
loc: ""
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