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title: "Westover_k"
date: 2019-06-06T14:38:43-05:00
draft: false
name: "Kimberly Westover"
degree: "B.S."
pic: "NoPic.jpg"
tit: "Summer Student (2021)"
orcid: "0000-0002-3429-4882"
weight: "15"
current: true
<!--Weight: 1=PI 2=Faculty 3=Instructors 4=PostDocs 5=Techs 6=GradStudents 10=Other 15=Interns-->
After graduating from Clarion University, Kimberly joined us in the Strand Lab for the summer of 2021, in preperation of starting her PhD studies at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the Basic Biomedical Sciences program.
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