Commit d3570757 authored by Brandi Cantarel's avatar Brandi Cantarel
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update statanal into bash

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......@@ -177,13 +177,13 @@ process geneabund {
publishDir "$params.output", mode: 'copy'
set pair_id, file(sbam) from deduped1
file gtf_file
file("${pair_id}.cts") into counts
file("${pair_id}.cts.summary") into ctsum
file("${pair_id}_stringtie") into strcts
file("${pair_id}.fpkm.txt") into fpkm
bash $baseDir/process_scripts/diff_exp/ -s $params.stranded -g ${gtf_file} -p ${pair_id} -b ${sbam}
bash $baseDir/process_scripts/genect_rnaseq/ -s $params.stranded -g ${gtf_file} -p ${pair_id} -b ${sbam}
......@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ process statanal {
publishDir "$params.output", mode: 'copy'
file count_file from counts.toList()
file count_sum from ctsum.toList()
file newdesign name 'design.txt'
file genenames
file geneset name 'geneset.gmt'
......@@ -204,24 +205,8 @@ process statanal {
file("geneset.shiny.gmt") into gmtfile
if (params.dea == 'skip')
perl $baseDir/scripts/ -o ./ *.cts
perl $baseDir/scripts/ -o ./ *.fpkm.txt
touch empty.png
touch bg.rda
cp geneset.gmt geneset.shiny.gmt
module load R/3.2.1-intel
perl $baseDir/scripts/ -o ./ *.cts
cp design.txt design.shiny.txt
cp geneset.gmt geneset.shiny.gmt
Rscript $baseDir/scripts/dea.R
Rscript $baseDir/scripts/build_ballgown.R *_stringtie
perl $baseDir/scripts/ *.edgeR.txt
perl $baseDir/scripts/ -o ./ *.fpkm.txt
bash $baseDir/process_scripts/genect_rnaseq/
process gatkbam {
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Subproject commit cba11424a989582e446c69894a5b166beb132899
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