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move up code to be generalizable.

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......@@ -241,13 +241,13 @@ def main():
# Find consenus overlap peaks for each experiment
for experiment, df_experiment in design_peaks_df.groupby('experiment_id'):
replicated_peak, chr_peak = overlap(experiment, df_experiment)
# Remove blacklist regions; if blacklist = True
if blacklist and os.path.exists(blacklist):
bl_peaks, bl_chr_peak = blacklist_peaks(experiment, blacklist)
design_diff.loc[design_diff.experiment_id == experiment, "peak"] = bl_peaks
design_anno.loc[design_anno.Condition == experiment, "Peaks"] = bl_chr_peak
replicated_peak, chr_peak = overlap(experiment, df_experiment)
design_diff.loc[design_diff.experiment_id == experiment, "peak"] = replicated_peak
design_anno.loc[experiment] = [experiment, chr_peak]
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