User Facing

  • Corrected spelling of inferred (#125)
  • Add seqtype force parameter (#131)
  • Add param for seqwho reference (#127)
  • Remove tracking param and all tracking code


  • Corrected file search parameters due to name inconsistency (#129)
  • Re-implemented sym-link for deriva cookie into ~/.bdbag/ for bdbag fetch to use (#132)
  • Add CI variables for staging RIDs (#133)
  • Use CI staging RIDs for CI unit tests: getBag, uploadInputBag, uploadExecutionRun, uploadQC, uploadProcessedFiles, uploadOutputBag (#133)
  • Add -u "F" to CI unit test uploadOutputBag upload_output_bag.py
  • Remove "fail" integration CI tests (#133 addendum)
  • Add licence header to nf file, R and python scriptsand pytest scripts
  • Stop using RCB and RMB (default) with deriva.core insert calls to match server update (#134)
  • Replace default seqwho reference location to one provided by source lab (#127)
  • Update NF Tower access token to BICF user
  • Disable NF Tower
  • Fix endness force (#135)