• Removed biosample, factor, treatment from design file
  • Updated documentation
  • Output graphics are in pdf format
  • Not optional to remove chrM while converting to tagAlign
  • Not optional to do a tn5 shift on tagAlign files


  • Changelog
  • Merge request template
  • Added new CI/CD tests for better coverage
  • Added punctuation check in design file
  • Added sequence (fastq1) length into design file for better mapping
  • Raw fastq1 sequence length determines mapper
  • Added paired-end peak calling
  • multiQC report
  • Added percentage of reads in mitochondria (unfiltered and dedup)
  • Added FRiP score (per sample: reads in replicated peaks/total reads per)
  • Added TSS enrichment
  • Added Fragment/Insert Length size
  • Removal of blacklist regions
  • Annotate peaks after removing non-chromosomes