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#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "src/GenotypeExtractor.h"
// #include "base/ParRegion.h"
// #include "libsrc/MathMatrix.h"
// #include "libsrc/MathVector.h"
// class Matrix;
// class RangeList;
// class Result;
// class VCFExtractor;
// class VCFIndividual;
// class GenotypeCounter;
* Extract genotype from file @param fileName at the marker @param marker,
* and store sample names in @param rowLabel and genotypes in @param genotype
* (dimension is numSample x 1)
* @return 0 if succeed
int loadMarkerFromVCF(const std::string& fileName, const std::string& marker,
std::vector<std::string>* rowLabel, Matrix* genotype);
class VCFGenotypeExtractor : public GenotypeExtractor {
explicit VCFGenotypeExtractor(const std::string& fn);
virtual ~VCFGenotypeExtractor();
VCFGenotypeExtractor(const VCFGenotypeExtractor&);
VCFGenotypeExtractor& operator=(const VCFGenotypeExtractor&);
* @param g, store people by marker matrix
* @return 0 for success
int extractMultipleGenotype(Matrix* g);
* @return 0 for success
* @return -2 for reach end.
* @param g: people by 1 matrix, where column name is like "chr:pos"
* @param b: extract information, e.g. "1\t100\tA\tC"
int extractSingleGenotype(Matrix* g, Result* b);
/* Site filters */
bool setSiteFreqMin(const double f);
bool setSiteFreqMax(const double f);
void setSiteDepthMin(int d);
void setSiteDepthMax(int d);
// @return true if GD is valid
// if GD is missing, we will take GD = 0
bool checkGD(VCFIndividual& indv, int gdIdx);
bool checkGQ(VCFIndividual& indv, int gqIdx);
void setGDmin(int m);
void setGDmax(int m);
void setGQmin(int m);
void setGQmax(int m);
void setSiteFile(const std::string& fn);
void setSiteQualMin(int q);
void setSiteMACMin(int n);
int setAnnoType(const std::string& s);
void setRange(const RangeList& l);
void setRangeList(const std::string& l);
void setRangeFile(const std::string& fn);
void includePeople(const std::string& v);
void includePeople(const std::vector<std::string>& v);
void includePeopleFromFile(const std::string& fn);
void excludePeople(const std::string& v);
void excludePeopleFromFile(const std::string& fn);
void excludePeople(const std::vector<std::string>& sample);
void excludePeople(const std::vector<std::string>& sample,
const std::vector<int>& index);
void excludeAllPeople();
void enableAutoMerge();
void getPeopleName(std::vector<std::string>* p);
void getIncludedPeopleName(std::vector<std::string>* p) const;
const std::vector<GenotypeCounter>& getGenotypeCounter() const {
return this->counter;
* @return weigth, its length equals to # of markers
// std::vector<double>& getWeight() { return this->weight; };
void setDosageTag(const std::string& tag) {
if (tag.empty()) return;
this->dosageTag = tag;
void unsetDosageTag() { this->dosageTag.clear(); }
bool isDosage() const { return !this->dosageTag.empty(); }
void setParRegion(ParRegion* p) { this->parRegion = p; }
// Sex (1=male; 2=female; other=unknown)
void setSex(const std::vector<int>* sex) { this->sex = sex; }
// coding male chromX as 0/2 instead of 0/1
// similarly, for dosage, just multiply 2.0 from original dosage
// void enableClaytonCoding() { this->claytonCoding = true; }
// void disableClaytonCoding() { this->claytonCoding = false; }
// check how many alt alleles at this site
void parseAltAllele(const char* s);
// extract genotype for @param indv
inline double getGenotype(VCFIndividual& indv, const bool useDosage,
const bool hemiRegion, const int sex,
const int genoIdx, const int GDidx,
const int GQidx);
double getGenotypeForAltAllele(VCFIndividual& indv, const bool useDosage,
const bool hemiRegion, const int sex,
const int genoIdx, const int GDidx,
const int GQidx, const int alt);
// assign extracted genotype @param from to a @param nrow by @param ncol
// output matrix @param to
void assign(const std::vector<double>& from, int nrow, int ncol, Matrix* to);
void enableMultiAllelicMode() { this->multiAllelicMode = true; }
const static int SUCCEED = 0;
const static int ERROR = -1;
const static int FILE_END = -2;
const static int FAIL_FILTER = -3;
VCFExtractor* vin;
std::vector<std::string> altAllele; // store alt alleles
int altAlleleToParse; // number of alleles to parse
}; // class VCFGenotypeExtractor
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