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......@@ -181,3 +181,23 @@ Results of <kbd>item-X</kbd> are useful when user has FASTQ files from multiple
lanes, or technical/biological replicates. Read [Real Example]( for further
details about how to specify experiment table and fetch results when more
complexed (or real) experiment design happens.
# Storage management
To reduce the storage of project, it is suggested to get rid of intermediate
files, in particular FASTQ and SAM files.
Remove generated FASTQ and SAM files:
celseq2 --config-file /path/to/wonderful_CEL-Seq2_config.yaml \
--experiment-table /path/to/wonderful_experiment_table.txt \
--output-dir /path/to/result_dir \
-j 10 clean_FQ_SAM
Alternatively, user can gzip FASTQ and perform SAM2BAM:
celseq2-slim --project-dir /path/to/result_dir -n
celseq2-slim --project-dir /path/to/result_dir
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