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## :fa-flag-checkered: **v0.5.1**
:fa-calendar: **2018-04-05**
:fa-star: **Features**
- Get rid of the possible limitation about "shared memory" when STAR is used on
- SpatialTranscriptomics (ST) processing is able to use STAR aligner practically.
- Optionally remove intermediate files in a robust way.
## :fa-flag-checkered: **v0.4.8**
:fa-calendar: **2018-03-26**
:fa-star: **Features**
- Robust selection on type of genes, e.g., protein coding, lincRNA.
- Handle the case when all genes are needed.
- The gene names are consistent to the in-house inDrop pipeline using
- Handle the GTF/GFF where "gene_biotype" attribute is not available.
- Automatically remove intermediate files by `snakemake`'s `temp()` function.
## :fa-flag-checkered: **v0.4.7**
:fa-calendar: **2018-03-23**
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:fa-star: **Features**
- More general API to specify UMI-BC design.
- Support [st_pipeline](
- Support
......@@ -7,3 +7,4 @@ principles of the UMI and cell barcodes.
1. Spatial transcriptome data. `celseq2` works similar to
except that `celseq2` uses Bowtie2 for aligment while `st_pipeline` uses STAR.
After version 0.5.1 `celseq2` is able to use STAR for ST as well.
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