Commit 54968425 authored by yy1533's avatar yy1533
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🐶 add inline comment to highlight the robustness of ST. This is also proved by actual runtime

parent 310ae513
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ def celseq2stpipeline(celseq2_fpath, spatial_map, out,
fhout.write('{}\t{}\t{}\n'.format('Row', 'Col', '\t'.join(genes))) # header
for colname in colnames:
tmp = colname.replace('.', '-')
spot_seq = tmp.split('-')[-1]
tmp = colname.replace('.', '-') # BC-1-ATGC or ATGC
spot_seq = tmp.split('-')[-1] # ATGC or ATGC
spot_expr = expr_valid[colname].values
spot_xy = dict_spatial_seq2xy.get(spot_seq, None)
if not spot_xy:
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