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🍺 function to parse STAR log

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from collections import OrderedDict
import re
def parse_star_report(raw_data):
Parse the final STAR log file.
Copied from MultiQC (
regexes = {
'total_reads': r"Number of input reads \|\s+(\d+)",
'avg_input_read_length': r"Average input read length \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'uniquely_mapped': r"Uniquely mapped reads number \|\s+(\d+)",
'uniquely_mapped_percent': r"Uniquely mapped reads % \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'avg_mapped_read_length': r"Average mapped length \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'num_splices': r"Number of splices: Total \|\s+(\d+)",
'num_annotated_splices': r"Number of splices: Annotated \(sjdb\) \|\s+(\d+)",
'num_GTAG_splices': r"Number of splices: GT/AG \|\s+(\d+)",
'num_GCAG_splices': r"Number of splices: GC/AG \|\s+(\d+)",
'num_ATAC_splices': r"Number of splices: AT/AC \|\s+(\d+)",
'num_noncanonical_splices': r"Number of splices: Non-canonical \|\s+(\d+)",
'mismatch_rate': r"Mismatch rate per base, % \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'deletion_rate': r"Deletion rate per base \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'deletion_length': r"Deletion average length \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'insertion_rate': r"Insertion rate per base \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'insertion_length': r"Insertion average length \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'multimapped': r"Number of reads mapped to multiple loci \|\s+(\d+)",
'multimapped_percent': r"% of reads mapped to multiple loci \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'multimapped_toomany': r"Number of reads mapped to too many loci \|\s+(\d+)",
'multimapped_toomany_percent': r"% of reads mapped to too many loci \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'unmapped_mismatches_percent': r"% of reads unmapped: too many mismatches \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'unmapped_tooshort_percent': r"% of reads unmapped: too short \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
'unmapped_other_percent': r"% of reads unmapped: other \|\s+([\d\.]+)",
parsed_data = OrderedDict()
for k, r in regexes.items():
r_search =, raw_data, re.MULTILINE)
if r_search:
parsed_data[k] = float(
# Figure out the numbers for unmapped as for some reason only the percentages are given
total_mapped = parsed_data['uniquely_mapped'] + \
parsed_data['multimapped'] + parsed_data['multimapped_toomany']
unmapped_count = parsed_data['total_reads'] - total_mapped
total_unmapped_percent = parsed_data['unmapped_mismatches_percent'] + \
parsed_data['unmapped_tooshort_percent'] + \
parsed_data['unmapped_mismatches'] = int(round(
unmapped_count * (parsed_data['unmapped_mismatches_percent'] / total_unmapped_percent), 0))
parsed_data['unmapped_tooshort'] = int(round(
unmapped_count * (parsed_data['unmapped_tooshort_percent'] / total_unmapped_percent), 0))
parsed_data['unmapped_other'] = int(round(
unmapped_count * (parsed_data['unmapped_other_percent'] / total_unmapped_percent), 0))
except ZeroDivisionError:
parsed_data['unmapped_mismatches'] = 0
parsed_data['unmapped_tooshort'] = 0
parsed_data['unmapped_other'] = 0
except KeyError:
if len(parsed_data) == 0:
return None
return parsed_data
def merge_reports(reports, report_names=None, savetocsv='report.csv'):
""" Merge a list of reports and save as a CSV file """
if not reports:
n = len(reports)
if not report_names:
report_names = [str(i + 1) for i in range(n)]
assert len(reports) == len(report_names)
features = list(reports[0].keys())
with open(savetocsv, 'w') as fout:
fout.write('{}\n'.format(','.join(['Item'] + features)))
for i in range(n):
i_name = report_names[i]
i_values = list(reports[i].values())
','.join(map(str, [i_name] + i_values))))
return savetocsv
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