Commit ea5087f8 authored by Venkat Malladi's avatar Venkat Malladi
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Fix syntax.

parent c4859ad3
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ main(){
# run pipeline on replicate RIDs in parallel
while read repRID; do echo ${repRID}; sleep 30; done < "../${rid}_studyRID.csv" | xargs -P 5 -I {} nextflow -q run workflow/ --repRID {} --source production --deriva /project/BICF/BICF_Core/shared/gudmap/test_data/auth/credential.json --bdbag /project/BICF/BICF_Core/shared/gudmap/test_data/auth/cookies.txt --dev false --upload true --email ${email} -with-report ./output/{}_report.html -with-timeline ./output/{}_timeline.html
main "$@"
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