Commit 25aca03f authored by Raquel Bromberg's avatar Raquel Bromberg
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Some commented lines removed

parent ca3853ee
all: mif sttag tmerg filt fmerg cm mdist fh dbc mtax
all: mif sttag tmerg mef filt fmerg cm mdist fh dbc mtax fpwrite dent
mif: mif.cpp directory_reader.h
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) mif.cpp -o mif
......@@ -11,6 +11,9 @@ sttag: sttag.cpp sttagger.h org.h util.h amino_acids.h
tmerg: tmerg.cpp tmerg.h
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) tmerg.cpp -fopenmp -o tmerg
mef: mefilter.cpp
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) mefilter.cpp -fopenmp -o mef
filt: filter.cpp filter.h
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) filter.cpp -o filt
......@@ -19,22 +22,25 @@ fmerg: fmerg.cpp util.h
cm: cm.cpp util.h
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) cm.cpp -fopenmp -o cm
# g++ $(CPPFLAGS) cm.cpp -o cm
dbc: dbc.cpp
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) dbc.cpp -fopenmp -o dbc
mdist: mdist.cpp mdist.h
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) mdist.cpp -fopenmp -o mdist
# g++ $(CPPFLAGS) mdist.cpp -o mdist
fh: fix_hgt.cpp mdist.h mctr.h
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) fix_hgt.cpp -fopenmp -o fh
# g++ $(CPPFLAGS) fix_hgt.cpp -o fh
mtax: mtax.cpp
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) mtax.cpp -o mtax
fpwrite: fpwrite.cpp
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) fpwrite.cpp -o fpwrite
dent: dentrop.cpp
g++ $(CPPFLAGS) dentrop.cpp -o dent
\rm mif
\rm sttag
......@@ -46,4 +52,5 @@ clean:
\rm fh
\rm dbc
\rm mtax
\rm dent
\rm *~
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