Commit 6cf953aa authored by Alok Saldanha's avatar Alok Saldanha
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#5 added os.path.join to flask routes

Also added a subdir check for security.
parent b5158dee
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ from werkzeug import secure_filename
from cellxgene_gateway import env
from cellxgene_gateway.backend_cache import BackendCache
from cellxgene_gateway.cellxgene_exception import CellxgeneException
from cellxgene_gateway.dir_util import create_dir, recurse_dir, render_entries
from cellxgene_gateway.dir_util import create_dir, recurse_dir, render_entries, is_subdir
from cellxgene_gateway.extra_scripts import get_extra_scripts
from cellxgene_gateway.path_util import get_dataset, get_file_path
from cellxgene_gateway.process_exception import ProcessException
......@@ -125,14 +125,14 @@ def make_subdir():
def upload_file():
upload_dir = request.form["path"]
full_upload_path = env.cellxgene_data + "/" + upload_dir
if os.path.isdir(full_upload_path):
full_upload_path = os.path.join(env.cellxgene_data, upload_dir)
if is_subdir(full_upload_path, env.cellxgene_data) and os.path.isdir(full_upload_path):
if request.method == "POST":
if "file" in request.files:
f = request.files["file"]
if f and f.filename.endswith(".h5ad"):
full_upload_path + "/" + secure_filename(f.filename)
os.path.join(full_upload_path, secure_filename(f.filename))
return redirect("/filecrawl.html", code=302)
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