Commit ebc2989c authored by Gervaise H. Henry's avatar Gervaise H. Henry 🤠

Reduce lin ID to res 0.1

parent a1b47c22
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ <-[common,] <-[common,]
singler.lin <- SingleR(,,method="cluster",$integrated_snn_res.5,$label.fine,BPPARAM=MulticoreParam(workers=10))
singler.lin <- SingleR(,,method="cluster",$integrated_snn_res.1,$label.fine,BPPARAM=MulticoreParam(workers=10))
sc10x$lin <- singler.lin$labels[match($integrated_snn_res.5,singler.lin@rownames)]
#singler.lin <- SingleR(,,method="single",$label.main,BPPARAM=MulticoreParam(workers=10))
#sc10x$lin <- singler.lin$labels
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