Commit 69739b22 authored by Gervaise Henry's avatar Gervaise Henry 🤠
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Use all cells for lung liniage QuSAGE

parent 816d8fff
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ gene.set <- c(gene.set,gene.set1)
gene.set <- lapply(gene.set,droplevels)
results.cor.Epi.MusLungHierarchy <- scQuSAGEsm(sc10x.Epi,gs=gene.set,ds=min.epi,nm="Epi.dws.sub_NE",folder="MusLungHierarchy")
results.cor.Epi.MusLungHierarchy <- scQuSAGEsm(sc10x.Epi,gs=gene.set,ds=0,nm="Epi.dws.sub_NE",folder="MusLungHierarchy")
gene.set.c2.all <- read.gmt("./genesets/c2.all.v6.1.symbols.gmt")
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