Commit 3b808999 authored by Venkat Malladi's avatar Venkat Malladi
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Fixed some typos.

parent 2ac0370a
......@@ -220,10 +220,10 @@ def main():
labs_clean, unmapped_labs = convert_units(labs_range, unitmap_df, convert_df)
# Convert value flags
labs_flag, multiple_labs = convert_flags(labs_clean)
labs_flag = convert_flags(labs_clean)
# Calculate Date Shift
shifted_df = calculate_shift(labs_flag, date_shift)
shifted_df, multiple_labs = calculate_shift(labs_flag, date_shift)
# Filter and get maximum lab value for shifted date
max_lab = calculate_maximum(shifted_df)
......@@ -231,10 +231,14 @@ def main():
# Write out lab table
calculate_maximum.to_csv(lab_table, index=False)
# Write out unmapped sites if there are any
# Write out unmapped labs if there are any
if unmapped_labs.shape[0] > 1:
unmapped_labs.to_csv(unmapped_table, index=False)
# Write out multiple labs if there are any
if multiple_labs.shape[0] > 1:
multiple_labs.to_csv(multiple_labs_table, index=False)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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