Release 1.1.1. Fixing and adding some features for small genomes and reproducibility for astrocyte.


  • Add Nextflow to
  • Add test data for test_pool_and_pseudoreplicate
  • Add PlotProfile Option
  • Add Python version to MultiQC
  • Add and Update tests
  • Use GTF files instead of TxDb and org libraries in Annotate Peaks
  • Make gtf and geneName files as param inputs
  • Add test data for single control and single replicate


  • Fix link in citation of
  • Fix to run single experiment
  • Fix xcor to increase file size for --random-source
  • Fix skip diff test for paired-end data
  • Fix xcor to get lowest non zero value above 50
  • Fix references to display in Multiqc report
  • Update astrocyte testing to 0.2.0